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            Address: guangzhou pearl river new city huaqiang road fuli surplus li & fung building, room 2101, no. 2

            The phone:(020)38063030 38063029



            Join condition
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            Join condition

            Agent requirements:
            1) love the toy industry, has a positive self-confidence and desire to succeed.
            2) has good modern commercial consciousness and management ability, identity Sea-Land toy enterprise culture, and completely obey the company unified management.
            3) there is a strong economic strength and learning ability.
            4) honest and trustworthy, has a great influence and good reputation in the local area,and has a good social relations.
            5) have good experience and excellent commercial premises.

            We focus on the interests of the agent:

            1) sustainable development profits:
            With the development of enterprises, with the brand awareness and reputation enhancement, training services to improve and diversified packaging propaganda, priority has the right agent products will bring huge returns for the wise you.

            2) area exclusive right to agent:
            Conform to the regulations of the company's agents will have a designated area without debate, right to the exclusive agent, in the region where the area according to the needs of any perfect sales network, a dominance.

            3) your reliable supplier and distributor:
            The company has a good reputation, we adhere to the good faith management, cooperation and mutual benefit, and earnestly safeguard the distinguished the interests of dealers! This is our commitment, but also our idea!

            4) advantages of the development of enterprises:
            The company is a rapidly developing enterprise with years of candy production and sales at home and abroad experience, our company produced candy has swept the world, many countries and regions including Europe and developed countries, the quality of products through the HACCP, ISO 9001 certification authority. At present each big brand has been erected refused to marry when, is the best choice you!

            5) Follow update information after sale service guarantee
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            Address: guangzhou pearl river new city huaqiang road fuli surplus li & fung building, room 2101, no. 2
            Domestic sales:020 38063030   Foreign sales calls:(020)38063029 38063012 38063013
            Fax:(020) 38063031   Email:sealand@ydjwhcm.com  Technical support: